Ed Sheeran, a 26-year old British singer-songwriter, guitarist and record producer, is a huge success around the world.  He is currently on his Divide tour and played recently in Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte.  I went to his show last Sunday and it was spectacular.  Allianz Parque in São Paulo was packed with enthusiastic fans who were singing along to Ed’s catchy tunes. 

This month, I have prepared an activity using one of Ed Sheeran’s songs called “Galway Girl” that you can use with your students.  Recently, Ed was interviewed on the well-known Radio 4 programme called Desert Island Discs.  If you like this very talented musician and want to know more about his childhood and background, I recommend listening to it.  The link is http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08pddvs.


Aim: to listen to a song and practise past simple irregular verbs

Timing: 30 mins

Level:  B1


  • Tell your students they are going to listen to a song called “Galway Girl”.  Ask them where they think Galway is.  Give them 3 options:

a) Scotland                             

b) England

c)  Ireland

Answer:  Ireland

You might like to show them where Galway is on the map.


  • Give the students a copy of the lyrics below.  Ask them to read the lyrics and fill in the gaps with the past simple of the verb in brackets. Play the song so they can check their answers.  You can find it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjHr-6Zl5P8.

She played the fiddle in an Irish band
But she 1._______________ (fall) in love with an English man
Kissed her on the neck and then I 2.____________ (take) her by the hand
Said, “Baby, I just want to dance”

I 3._____________ (meet) her on Grafton street
Right outside of the bar
She shared a cigarette with me
While her brother played the guitar
She asked me what does it mean
The Gaelic ink on your arm?
4._____________ (Say) it was one of my friend’s songs
Do you want to drink on?
She took Jamie as a chaser, Jack for the fun
She 5._____________________ (get) Arthur on the table with
Johnny riding a shotgun
Chatted some more, one more drink at the bar
Then 6._________________ (put) Van on the jukebox, got up to dance

Chorus – She played the fiddle… (see above)
With my pretty little Galway Girl
You’re my pretty little Galway Girl

You know she 7._______________ (beat) me at darts
And then she beat me at pool
And then she kissed me
Like there was nobody else in the room
As last orders were called
Was when she 8.___________________ (stand) on the stool
After dancing to Cèilidh singing to trad tunes
I never 9._______________ (hear) Carrickfergus ever sang so sweet
A capella in the bar using her feet for a beat
Oh, I could have that voice
Playing on repeat for a week
And in this packed out room
Swear she was singing to me

And now we’ve outstayed our welcome
And it’s closing time
I was holding her hand, her hand was holding mine
Our coats both smell of smoke, whisky and wine
As we fill up our lungs
With the cold air of the night
I walked her home then she took me inside
To finish some Doritos and another bottle of wine
I swear I’m gonna put you in a song that I write
About a Galway Girl and a perfect night



1.  fell

2.  took

3.  met

4.  Said

5.  got

6.  put

7.  beat

8.  stood

9. heard


  • Ask the students to find words in the song that match the pictures below:


1.  Fiddle

2.  Neck

3.  Jukebox

4.  Darts

5.  Stool

Ask your students to create a story in pairs using the nine past simple verbs and the vocabulary they learnt. 

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