Critical Thinking: helping our students to dig a little deeper

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As I was scrolling down the newsfeed on facebook the other day, I came across the following announcement:

Somebody had commented why it mentioned only “your son´s forgotten lunch, books, homework, equipment, etc” and not your daughter´s.   “Perhaps daughters are better at taking care of their stuff” said someone.  Another person commented that it was a bad translation of “filho”.  I was curious to know where this sign was posted and why the word “son” was written there.  I dug a little deeper and found out that this message was taped to the front door of a Catholic High School for Boys in Arkansas, the USA.  Apparently, there was also a message to parents that said “Welcome to Catholic High. We teach reading, writing, arithmetic, and problem solving”.

  • Critical thinking is about as _ ing the right questions.
  • The questions help you to assess the m _ _ ning and significance of clai _ s and arguments.
  • Building Critical Thinking skills  helps you to assess evi _ _ nce and evaluate arguments and adapt your thinking so you stay

en _ aged in different situations.

  • Critical Thinking involves stepping b _ _ k from a situation to enable you to see all the angles before making judgements or taking decisions.
  • It means identifying the k _ _ points, analysing sources of information, wei _ _ ing up different types of evidence. 
  • It isn´t about being critical and finding fla _ s in other peoples´ claims.
  • It means being creative, reflective and ada _ _ able, evaluating the evidence to decide for yourself what is accurate and relevant and if you have sufficient information to take a de _ _ si _ n.
  • It can be difficult not to be s _ ay _ d by close family or friends´ views on things or certain beliefs that just feel right.
  • Critical thinking is about a sense of discovery, learning and evaluating arguments and f _ lte _ ing for yourself what resonates as right or wrong.
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